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Welcome to my project page!

Explore my portfolio to see how I bring creative solutions to design challenges in various fields.

Dia - Control

Personalized Diabetes Management Application


Bridging Artisans and Audiences: Crafting Connections

Stack Up Jenga 

Digital Jenga for both Online and Offline Play

IFB Store Experience

Enhancing In-store Retail Experience

Cafsip - Cafeteria App

Design challenge to create cafeteria app for office

Care-compact (Tata 1mg)

Redesigning an innovative sample collection area

Mountain Halo

Packaging Design for a luxury fragrance soap brand

Japandi - Space Design

Creating and Curating a minimalistic Japandi space


Re-branding and Visual design for Kutch, Gujarat

Instax - Window Display

Lighting Design for a window display for Instax camera

Dawaat - Furniture Design

Desk folio to organize and keep all tools you need handy

Gujarat Haat

Branding for Gujarat Haat (Government of Gujarat)




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